Recent Cases

Deborah C.

LOML has helped me fight multiple collection companies. The biggest help came when (2) different collection companies began calling me at my place of employment. The calls were numerous and the entire situation was quite embarrassing. Not only did LOML get the calls to stop, but I received a cash settlement AND they got the debts that the collectors were calling on waived. Couldn’t have asked for better results!

“Multiple calls to client’s place of business by (2) separate collection companies. Received $1,000 statutory maximum from both collectors and complete debt waiver.”

Adriana V.

After a rough patch financially I experienced multiple collection agencies calling me on more than a few debts I had let default. LOML stepped in and assisted me with a payment arrangement on one particular debt. To my dismay, after my 2nd to last payment the collection agency said I had breached the agreement and required an additional $800. I was FURIOUS! I called LOML and in a matter of three weeks they had arranged a settlement for violations of the FDCPA which entailed a waiver of the last payment due on my agreement with the collector AND got me the statutory maximum cash settlement. I have LOML on speed dial now! (She really does)

“Collection company agreed to payment arrangement and then reneged when client was on 2nd to last payment. Client received statutory maximum of $1000 and had the last payment due on the arrangement waived”

Joseph C.

I am definitely not one who doesn’t pay their debts, so it was a shock to me when I started receiving collection calls for small amount of money an insurance company said I owed them. They wouldn’t listen to me when I said I really didn’t owe the debt. I decided to call LOML who sent out a request for validation and to stop the constant phone calls. Shortly after the letter was sent, the calls started again. I immediately notified LOML. It wasn’t long after LOML got involved that the calls stopped, the collector admitted to the mistake, and I receive a cash payout of $1,000 for the collectors violations of the FDCPA!

“Client received collection letter on debt he didn’t owe, multiple calls followed. LOML sent cease request on telephone calls. Collection firm continued to call and client received $1,000 settlement and waiver of the erroneous debt.”

Stephen C.

A collection company began calling me about some student loan debts that I had defaulted on w while back. After setting up a payment arrangement with them, they began automatically withdrawing money from my bank account. Interestingly enough the manner in which they were doing it was illegal. I contacted LOML and after they did their thing, I received a maximum cash payout for their violations of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act. LOML was quick, efficient, and took care of me every step of the way. The funny thing is I didn’t even know what the collector was doing was wrong! Highly recommend LOML!!!

“Collection company took illegal bank drafts from client’s checking account. Client received statutory maximum amount of $1,000”

Samiah M.

I began receiving some collection calls and letters about a very small amount of money I supposedly owed. Eventually I picked up one of the calls, explained that my sole source of funds was social security. Soon thereafter I was amazed to find out that this collection company tried to take the exact amount of money I owed straight out of my bank account WITHOUT my permission. I contacted LOML and after they thoroughly worked on my behalf, I received a cash settlement and the debt I supposedly owed was waived. As a thank you I send some of my favorite staff members’ handmade trinkets for the office which I know they just LOVE!!! A++ grade for LOML!

“Collection Company collecting on debt client didn’t owe. Collector initiated unauthorized withdrawals from client’s bank account. Client received $1,000 in damages.”

Hannah H.

In 2014, I began receiving collection letters for student loan debt. The amount of fees and interest in the current amount they claimed I owed was almost as much as the original debt! I called LOML who immediately went to work for me. The result was a cash payout to me for violations of the FDCPA, and the collection company required to return the file and no longer collect. Interestingly enough, soon after that I received a collection letter from another company wanting around the same amount! Quick call to LOML and once again the result was a cash settlement for violations of the FDCPA!!! The collectors come knocking; I call LOML and wait for my check! I trust them 100% to get the job done!

“Two separate collection companies sought to collect a student loan debt with inflated fees and interest charges. Client recovered the statutory maximum amount of $1,000 TWICE, one payout for each collection company.”

Nikki L.

While LOML was already handling a matter against a collection company where the collector disclosed that a debt was due and owing to a family member of mine, I received another collection letter from a law firm. Since LOML told me to send them all collection letters I received, I listened and I sure am glad I did! Turns out the collection letter failed to provide me with a key disclosure required by law. Fast forward a short time, and after LOML filed a CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT on my behalf, not only did I receive a total payout of around $3,250!!!! On top of that, that also got my mother and I both $500 each on a different case!

“Client received collection letter from a law firm which failed to contain proper federally mandated disclosures. A class action litigation ensued where client received a payout of close to $3,250, which took care of the debt and got client some cash”